Implant Course


Implant Course 1- Basic 2- Intermediate 3- Advanced Basic implant course: 1-Diagnosis 2-correct implant position 3- correct implant maneuver 4-CBCT 5-Implant design& structure 6-Bone density 7-post operative care (2 basic cases ) Intermediate: 1-Immediate implant 2-Flapless 3-closed sinus 4-PRF 5-Bone graft around implant 6-Soft tissue graft around implant 7-perimplantitis 8-complication management 3 [...]

Aesthetic Course


Aesthetic Course Aesthetic dentistry became now the trend that is most dentists worldwide seeking for More than 90% of Our patients are requesting dental aesthetics Dental aesthetics became nowadays battle work and competition field for many dentists specially those who are upgrading themselves by digital devices . 2cases bridge 2cases post 3unites [...]

Clinical Endodontic Program


Clinical Endodontic Program All you need for everyday practice for endodontics in your clinic Tools & Modalities to improve your Endodontic skills NOT ONLY lectures, workshops it will be brain storming discussion and cases studies. HERE in this course, we will study the main components of daily endodontic work FROM Diagnosis, Isolation, [...]